Power Duster Spray Non-Flammable


Power Duster Spray Non-Flammable

Provides quick and effective computer and electronic maintenance. Use for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas of keyboards, printers, scanners, copiers, optical drives, etc. You can reach every well-hidden bit of dirt and dust with the included extension straw.

Instructions of use Use and store at room temperature. Do not shake. Spray in short bursts on the surface to be treated. Use the extension straw for hard-to-reach areas. Use in upright position only. Recommended for computers, keyboards, sewing machines, copiers, telephones, lab equipment, TV's, vacuum cleaners, shredders, scanners, stereos, watches, clocks, mailing machines, fans, audio equipment, electric razors, sports equipment, musical instruments, guns, desk tops, camera equipment.

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Content400 ml

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