Zinc Spray


Zinc Spray

Excellent anti-corrosion spray for all iron metals like gates, metal housings, machines, fittings, fences etc. Zinc alloy for cold galvanostegy, highly resistant to weathering corrosion such as caused by saltness and water. Ideal for application on welded joints, pipelines and tanks for chemical plants, pumps, trellis and carpentry works. Ensures a complete protection of all kinds of metallic surfaces. 97% pure zinc.

Instructions of use Shake well the can before use (up to 30 seconds, both horizontally and vertically, if it has not been used for a few weeks). Remove dirt and grease from surface to be treated.
Holding the can upright, spray onto the surface from a distance of 25-30 cm. Let dry and repeat the operation to avoid pouring.

Technical info

Content400 ml

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