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The Perfects sprays products range offers professional spray solutions for various every-day applications. The Perfects sprays use high-end formulations to provide easy maintenance and cleaning of appliances of various technologies, suitable for technical, household and multimedia devices. Discover our Perfects Spray for a more convenient and modern life.

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Perfects facts

The Perfects solution

We believe that there is a Perfects solution for almost every appliance. That is why we have used our long experience in formulating to propose an adapted and unique product range for different usages. By choosing our Perfects products you choose for a better result in maintaining and caring for your appliances.

The Perfects partner

All Perfects spray products have been developed in-house by a team of people with profound technical R&D knowledge, pursuing innovative and high-quality performance formulations. We make sure that all products get tested thoroughly before we put them on the market, to guarantee their best result.

The Perfects canister

The vast majority of Perfects sprays come in a 100% recyclable tinplate container. Sustainability is also guaranteed with the on-the-go PE containers that are also destined to go into the recycle bin.

The Perfects application

Household, Technical and Multimedia are the three areas we have chosen to focus on. Following the market we will keep innovating to offer you the perfect solutions.