Dry Cleaner Spray


Dry Cleaner Spray

Efficient against staining caused by sauces, butter, fat, oil, mascara, lipstick, wax etc. Spectacular and fast result. Use also as pre-treatment on more resistible stains (coffee, egg yolk, marmalade, chocolate etc). Leaves no halos. Can be used on various materials (clothes, chairs, curtains, carpets – in case of doubt test on a small surface first).

Instructions of use Shake well the can before use (up to 30 seconds, both horizontally and vertically, if it has not been used for a few weeks).
Spray on the stain, keeping the can upright from a distance of about 10 cm. Allow the product to dry completely, until you see a white powder. Remove the dry powder with a brush. For persistent stains, repeat the treatment. Especially on dark fabrics, remove any eventual remaining dust with a clean, damp clothes. Warning: in case of any doubt, test the product on a non-visible part. Do not use on waterproof fabrics, leather, nubuck and fur.

List of ingredients Hydrocarbons, C7, n-alkanes, isoalkanes, cyclics, butane, propane, isobutane, silicon dioxide

Technical info

Content100 ml

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