Multi Oil Spray


Multi Oil Spray

High-quality and non-sticky oil that cleans, lubricates, nourishes and prevents rust - in one application. Loosens rust and protects against moisture and oxidation. Lubricates and protects domestic appliances, garden equipment, car locks, lock cylinders, rollers, springs, guides, car lamp holders, plugs and zippers, hinges, locks and curtain rails. Ideal for bicycle chains, gears, delicate parts of power tools and motors. Prevents squeaking and keeps moving parts operating smoothly. Contains no silicones and safe to use on all materials.

Instructions of use Store and use at room temperature. Before applying the spray ensure that if any electrical equipment is being treated, it is disconnected from its power source. Shake well before use. Hold the can upright and spray from a distance of 20 cm. Wait for a few seconds and remove liquid and dirt. Apply a final thin coating to moisture-, rust- and corrosion-proof all parts. Use the extension straw (contained in the cap) for hard-to-reach areas.

Technical info

Content200 ml

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