Freeze Spray Non-Flammable


Freeze Spray Non-Flammable

Indispensable for tracing intermittent electrical faults and for fault-finding on temperature-sensitive components. Detects defective transitors, capacitors, ICs and other components. Protects parts during soldering. Evaporates fast and leaves no residue. Fast cooling effect up to -50 C. The Perfects Freeze Spray is also ideal for removing chewing gum, pet poop and candle grease.

Instructions of use Store and use at room temperature. Before applying the spray ensure that the electrical equipment being treated is disconnected from its power source. Shake well before use. Hold the can upright and spray from a distance of 2-8 cm. Keep the electrical equipment disconnected until excess spray has evaporated. Use the extension straw (contained in the cap) for hard-to-reach areas.

Technical info

Content200 ml

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